June 14, 2008


The New York City Fire Department must have had a little misunderstanding when hiring Frappo the Dalmatian as their new fire-truck dog. Apparently, he thought being a fire dog meant causing fires, not putting them out. Unfortunately the squad didn't find this out until last night.
"Fuck that dog," says NYCFD Chief Robert Junerope, "He killed 6 of my men on a routine drive around the city last night. Out of nowhere he just blew up the back of my truck with his dumb mouth. Fire dogs are supposed to shoot water from their mouths.. not explosions."
Police responded to their calls and soon had Frappo arrested and shot in the legs. They had a water sandwich feast ready for him in jail to keep him from using his fire-breath indoors. Frappo was offered this job at the fire department after his heroic efforts to bury an explosion in the core of the earth just last week.
-Hal Cronweld