June 14, 2008


After receiving more than enough votes at this year's election, Dog Mayor Ronald J. Puddles plans to abandon his town for a trip to the future in space. His intentions are for the well being of himself and wishes only to have fun in space, leaving the town to take care of things for him. To no surprise, residents are furious at their regarded mayor.
"I didn't vote for no space dog" local JK Peters complains, "We have no way of surviving down here. While he's off galavanting with the stars, we all suffer because there's no one to feed us or play calculator with."
Luckily for Peters, the space trip is funded entirely by the salaries and incomes of the local townspeople like Peters himself. And without food or money the town will surely die, but to ease their minds, Mayor Puddles will take photographs of space to place at their graves for when he returns.
-Hal Cronweld