June 14, 2008


Kakamouth the Ghost Hunter finally caught sight of Rubbish the Ghost Dog last night after 17 years of camping in her front yard. Rubbish appeared to Kakamouth after staying up all night reading his favorite Lightning adventure tale, when suddenly 6 bolts of lightning struck the house of the ghosted dog. Then, using his eyes, Kakamouth saw the beloved creature. The crowd of people that often watch Kakamouth had plenty to report.
“I'm sorry what happened?" says Harold Kleverstix, "I just came by and found out a bunch of people were watching a dog read a book. Who cares about that?"
Seventeen years ago, Kakamouth asked Rubbish to marry him on a night of a solar eclipse. She agreed, but only if he could capture in poetry the best lightning bolt he's ever seen. Ghost Hunter could not do it, for he knew that the first poetics on lightning were not coming out for another 17 years. In tears, Rubbish locked herself inside the house. Although she died within the week, Kakamouth still wished to marry her.
With the release of author Yurkin Gountry's novel, Poetry and Lightning: Strike the Words just last week, Kakamouth believes this will be the key to marry the blind corpse of his long lost lover.
-Hal Cronweld