June 14, 2008


The Great American Bald Eagle proceeded in his plans to give up the bravery profession in hopes of landing a job as an inventor. He arranged a meeting in Pottam Park for his official announcement, but did not show up for hours. Tired of waiting, a few reporters began interviewing clouds shaped as eagles to get their story.
“A good cloud can be like a friend or like a buddy who will drink soda. Soda-friends I call them," Jack Loft of Channel 4 Newspaper said, "I lost a child in my favorite cloud once--" Jack was cut off by triumphant shreek of the long awaited, approaching friend Eagle. All eyes went to the sky to see him coming, but to their surprise, Eagle was strolling up in his latest invention. A witness describes what I saw:
"Majestically trotting like horse kings, a pair of short legged mini horses, or dogs, brought the eagle up the street and into the lap of our eyes. The relentless call of the eagle described his decision to become an inventor like his father. Eagles had provided America with enough bravery to last them another day or so, he claimed. And with that the eagle rolled out of the park and into our memories."
Onlookers nearby shouted and jeered at the eagle, saying he can't just take human inventions and reinvent them for use of the eagle, it's stealing. The bird quickly shot their legs with a self-invented bullet from his mouth.
-Hal Cronweld