June 14, 2008


Thunder shook ol' Raspberry State Park this afternoon when resident dog Pottymouf shot down what he says is an unidentified school bus from the sky. Visitors to the park were held under tight surveillance until the matter was handled the dog.
"My daughter and I were taking a class in frolicking over by those trees when we heard this wretched scream," says Andy Greenupp, "For the next 10-15 minutes it was all gunfire. I saw a dog running around a lot, then a bus came out of nowhere and nearly took my coat off. My baby girl could have been murdered by that bus. I'm really glad the dog was around."
The bus belongs to Pine House Middle School in Austria. Their teacher Heinz Krowbar adapted some flying tools from a shed and attached them to a bus for the journey over seas. "Everyone knows children need to take school buses on field trips.. it's a rule. If dogs don't understand that then they need to keep their bullets away from me and my bus-classroom."
Heinz and all of his children died in the crash. Pottymouf the dog was last seen rummaging through the remains filling his wallet with blood.
-Hal Cronweld