June 14, 2008


At this year's "Internet Alien Lazer ElectroniX GraphiX Convention," a wide variety of new technology was displayed and released to the public. Although new tools such as the Webpage Carver and the Sandpaper Keyboard are expected to bring in lots of sales this holiday season, all eyes were focused on what can be described as a D-ream come D-true.
Computer heavyweights 'DogWebbTM Inc. Corporation, Inc.com' introduced their plans for a new form of internet mail, called D-mail. Using nano-technology, the multi-processor machines shrink actual dogs down to the size of a flea. From there, they can run your D-mail swiftly through the fiber-optic cables that connect you to friends and family around the world.
"DogWebb has combined the speediness of email with the friendliness of dogs." says CEO Drift Lumboot, "Each letter is D-mail approved with cute paw print graphix, to assure you that the dog was happy delivering your mail."
D-mail requires a fee, however. For every letter you wish to send, a small price of one dog, plus $5 is needed. Concerned the consumer won't want to pay for D-mail, DogWebb has required an additional dog and $5 payment upon receiving your letter.
-Hal Cronweld