July 23, 2010


The sports team of West Joggin College have earned another day of high-fives as their volleyball playing bear has helped them take first place with a win yesterday. The bear, named Kooly Richards, was first discovered by the school's dean, who would feed the bear garbage everyday by the playground.

"I fell in love with him right away," says dean Jack Greene Jr., "the first thing I fed him was a pair of sunglasses, so I named him Kooly."

Kooly is a common breed of bear known as the Garbage-Bear, generally known for their hunger and potential for being a sports fan. Dean Greene first brought Kooly to a match to cheer as the school's official mascot. But then one day, at one of the volleyball games, tragedy struck. The ball took an odd bounce and sailed towards Kooly, and while many expected him to just eat the ball as if it were garbage, Kooly proceded to slam the ball at one particular child on the opposing team.

"I've never seen anything like it," says Greene, "he kept spiking the ball at that boy, over and over. He showed amazing talent."