June 14, 2008


Nothing could describe the amount of canine joy at Gladberth park on Sunday afternoon. Local woman Poethia Dichnech was out on a weekend- long frisbee extravaganza with her puppy Alchemy. She threw the frisbee so much and so long that by midday Sunday she had dogs from 15 neighborhoods playing her game.
"I didn't realize I was so popular," says Poethia, "I'm not? Oh, sorry."
"Dogs come here because they know this woman will always be there throwing frisbees," says Park Ranger Harris, "I heard she keeps some raw burgers in her satchel to survive the cold nights. She can get her 15 minutes of fame, I don't care. Whatever, its just a coincidence that all the dogs came out this Sunday to set some dumbass record."
Harris had authorities waiting on the outskirts of the park for when the dogs tired and the press went away. Poethia was arrested and shot twice in the leg to prevent her from coming back.
-Hal Cronweld