June 14, 2008


The world has lost its only super dog in an odd string of events that led to the impalement of super dog "Danger Elite Destroyer," born Clyde Harris. Danger was on a routine fly around the ocean when Dumb Legs the Horse came speeding up out of nowhere and destroyed the Destroyer. A paramedic describes the scene.
"Oh terrible to you!" scolds Jence Irisuite, "A horse's boat is broken, have some compassion! I think the horse had blood in his eyes from that shitty bleeding mess of a corpse. Horse I love you!!" 
"Danger loves boats, but not that much," says friend Sardy Demmint, "Or maybe he doesn't I don't know, I'm not his friend."
Super dogs are one of a kind true heroes and can come from anywhere, not just America. They fly, dance, do trivia, eat trees and share poetry while standing on a burning child. It's those little things that bring a dog to super status, except in America, where all dogs are heroes.
-Hal Cronweld