June 14, 2008


A suspected serial killer was arrested yesterday when a dog apparently solved a four year long murdering spree in Hollydale's Child Are Our Future and Favorite Pastime center. Yartrov Frenhaq, owner, provides the children with a daily ride in his robot, which has attracted many children to the play center. Concerned parents feel their children are at greater risk of being covered in blood when riding in the machine.
"I lost my first born when he climbed into the garbage disposal looking for some kind of metallic machine to ride in," says Greg Hookler, "He loved the robot at the daycare center a lot but who loves my child now? Not me."
A dog passing by on a sword-walk heard the clanks and the smiles of children inside. He rushed in proudly and destroyed the robot with a quick slash. Police arrived minutes later and recognized the robot as the accomplice of many child murders over the years. Frenhaq was immediately shot in the leg and arrested by the dog and is now awaiting trial.
-Hal Cronweld