June 14, 2008


Buster Magillicutty, dog and computer whiz, announced today a new product that he will add to his "Oh Hey!" learning series called “Thanksgiving: Eating, Pilgrims, and Death, Thank You.” He started developing the deluxe CD-ROM in the early 1940s, with a goal to accurately portray a family eating thanksgiving dinner in real-time. To officially mark the end of his research, Magillicutty rang the Thanksgiving Bell in the center of the town library.
“It’s all about getting the graphix to be awesome,” says Magillicutty’s graphic artist, “I was thinking about pilgrims, turkey, life, graphix, COMPUTERz, etc. So I made an awesome bold-simple statement with this killer package, full with lightning and lasers, complete with any type of jetfighter or skeleton that would fit onto my Alien Graphix paper.”
The CD-ROM contains ingredients to Magillicutty’s Famous Thanksgiving Holiday Sandwich, consisting of turkey, leaves, potatoes, hope, mischief, owls and a dash of a gobble.wav sound FX. You will also find that the CD-ROM itself can be used to serve thanksgiving dinner, simply break the disc in half and pour the ‘information gravy’ on to the delicious sandwich for all to enjoy. Users will need to purchase a separate CD-ROM for the plate and silverware. Each member of the family needs 6 CD-ROMs to enjoy Thanksgiving.
-Hal Cronweld