June 14, 2008


When the Royson family took their dog Juniper Clock out to the circus for his birthday, no one expected the night to end in death. Fingers point to clown and entertainer Yacki Tabacki, owner of Fun, Laughs, and Kool Times circus.
“I didn’t kill shit,” says Yacki, “I’ll kill that bitch ass dog accusing me of murder.”
Family says Juniper was all smiles coming home from the circus, and that he couldn’t stop laughing at Yacki’s antics. “The bond between clown and dog is something everyone charishes, ” says Bob Forrestworth, “but no one was laughing when our dog was dream murdered.”
Juniper’s autopsy is expected to show the exact thoughts he had just before dying. While they wait for more concrete evidence, police are working effortlessly on a special clown-shaped bullet for Yacki.
-Hal Cronweld