June 14, 2008


Scientists were puzzled and amazed at the early morning find late last night. Diamond, a golden retriever, was found trapped within the icy depths of an iced berg. The dog sits upon a wheelchair, which has scientists baffled.
“It’s amazing what this tells us about evolution,” explains Harv Petofferson of Yale Science Dept, “it seems that this dog has invented the wheelchair, not humans.”
The iceberg dates from about 20 million years ago, so experts are pretty sure dogs invented wheelchairs.
“It’s just great to see what the hands of a skilled carpenter dog could do in those days,” adds Petofferson. “but it’s back to the drawing boards I guess.”
The iceberg was brought in by a group of dolphins, who saw the dog within the ice. They worked together to get him safely to a team of scientists as soon as they could.
-Hal Cronweld