June 14, 2008


After running out of room on Earth, world renowned barber-dog Haggy has decided to bring his business to the moon. “Haggy the Dog’s Haircutz For Dude-Children,” the number one haircut place on the planet, with over 30 locations in every city in the world, has launched three of its most popular locations into space via airship/balloons. His goal is to combine a child’s love for space exploration with the parental concerns of how cool their child’s head looks.
“I think it’s darling,” says mother of four dudes Kara Typikal, “All my children love Haggy and they can’t wait to see him on the moon. Sure it’s a long trip but it’s my child’s head I’m worried about, you can’t take any chances.”
The question arises will the loyal customers follow their favorite Haggy’s locations to space? Yes. Haggy charges just 11 dollars and 42 million cents for his “Mooncutz,” and his projected profits for 2005 alone will make him the richest dog on the planet no contest.
-Hal Cronweld