June 14, 2008


Kleenex Radbury does a lot of cool shit whenever he feels like it. Some refer to him as the 'neighborhood menace,' a 'troubled teenage dog with no life', or the 'crappy shit-eater,' but they're all jealous of his extreme horsing-off. He likes to call himself "Radbones Breaks Your Life," and likes to live life like a genius.

"I can't believe some of the things we've caught him doing while on vacation," cries mother Nancy Radbury, "Ice skating in the stove, jumping pools on his ATV, gallivanting in the market with his jump-roping, tying his shoes while burning them simultaneously, eating aluminum to save the world, the list goes on! If you ask me he really needs to get his priorities and motives straightened out."

All of Radbones' tricks are done for various charities around the country. When we asked Jake's Apples N' Real Apples Shop in Alaska if he received his contribution from Radbones for his motorcading event, Jake had no idea what we were talking about. As compensation, Radbones sent him a piece of glass with his signature on it along with a flyer saying "Break Your Life."

-Hal Cronweld