June 14, 2008


A bus driver found himself driving a lawsuit with wheels today when local favorite dog, Roza Barks, announced she was sueing for discrimination, in a town which claims color of dog is not an issue.
"Oh no she didn't" says driver Petro Rodhart upon hearing of the news, "I've let her on my bus before but all she does is sit on my lap and shit on my pants."
The Town loves Roza so much because she always wants food. "I've never seen a dog eat so much," one restaurant owner says, "she goes around ordering everything off the menus, it's so cute. I saw her today with a backpack on and it was full of burittos. 'Is she gonna eat them?' I asked myself, 'I dunno but its so cute.'"
Petro is considering settling this case outside of court, by attaching a Wendy's or McDonald's to the side of his bus. Police have arrested him for such thoughts.
-Hal Cronweld