January 13, 2012


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  1. Stop drop and roll, Tiggy!

  2. PROUDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Awesome!

    I would love to have this as a wallpaper if it was just the tiger/wave/explosion.

  4. American Gamzu From The FutureJanuary 13, 2012 at 12:42 PM

    Dear Anonymous. I greatly admire your work on civil disobedience, internet chicanery, and Guy Fawkes mask sales.

    Maybe you should check out tigersonsurfboards.com for oyur wallpaper needs.

  5. So is Proudy alive again?

  6. Proudy has now entered the zombie stage of his death.

  7. It is probably just an actor playing Proudy. Did you know that tigers can be identified by their stripes (similar to human fingerprints)?

    Also, a tiger could kill you with his bare teeth and large claws. They look cute on a surfboard, but make no mistake, the tiger is a dangerous creature.

    IT IS A MAMMAL!!!!!!!!!

    The cubs are absolutely adorable, but a full grown tiger can weigh THOUSANDS! 1,000's!!!

    Just imagine something the size of a refrigerator with orange and black stripes but instead of yogurt inside, it has a mouth full of dagger sharp teeth.

    You can't just flip a coin and decide to be friends with a tiger. Heads or Tails, a FULL GROWN TIGER!!!!, will rip your leg off.

    You would be searching a giant litter box for your wedding band.

    Mammals are not all the same! Oprah Winfrey is a mammal. Does she look like a tiger to you?.......

    Well does she?

    Ask yourself "If I chose 15 random mammals from around the globe and placed them in my refrigerator with some sort of life support system to keep them alive, How many would jump out and bite me when I opened the door to get a little cup of yogurt?"

    If the answer is less than 6, you are either a lucky bastard, a troubadour, or a big fat liar.

  8. Filmed 4.21.11

  9. That sir is a lot of awesome fitted into one picture

    Also a small comedy blog for you as I would think you would like comedy

  10. Anonymous,

    You may be on to something. I hate to even say it out loud so I am going to whisper...
    Is it even possible? James Cameron was somehow involved in the deeds of that day

  11. While we are at it, does anyone know of a medicine I can take or a lifestyle change that might help me raise my cholesterol level?

    My doctor is concerned that it is abnormally low.

    Looking for any feedback that might help me get those cholesterol numbers up.

    Vampire Rick?

  12. (1) Eating Thanksgiving Dinner with Barbara Craftz raised my cholesterol by 500%.

    (2) Eating dinner with Eagle lowered my cholesterol by 900% (BECAUSE THERE WAS NO DINNER).

    I hope these suggestions can help your health Dear Gamzu as we are all concerned about your Medical Conditions.

    Sincerely From,


  13. Gamzie: vast quantities of delicious fried shrimp will help you attain your goal.

    Also: bacon. Bacon has been called "the universal solvent" for this exact reason. Or is that water? Whatever, the point is bacon can solve anything and I am speaking from personal experience.

    Also: pastries. Alas, where hast thou gone Andreas Van DerGoodin?

    Good luck and keep us posted on your progress! You may want to ignore Vampire Rick's requests for your blood test results. That's not even funny.

  14. Gamzu I am offended that you did not ask me for medical advice! MY NAME IS NOT JUST MEVE, IT IS SOMETIMES DR. MEVE THE DOCTOR! But perhaps you did not know this, and since you are an upstanding citizen of this mayorless Internet, I forgive you. Here is my advice.

    1) Replace margarine with soda. Trust me on this one, not only will it increase your cholesterol intake, it will increase your flavor intake too!

    2) Don't let V-person Rick follow you anywhere. He's a cholesterol thief, and I'm pretty sure Internet Detective Hallett Esquire III has evidence that he's been stealing it from you.

    3) Stop swimming. You'll get all wet!

    4) Macaroons.

    Sincerely yours truly proudy,

  15. Vampires can be DOCTORS too you shouldn't feel special! I have been asked to do multiple medical procedures such as a BUTTerfly, ( just a regular butterfly but on your BOOTY) STENCHes, (regular stitch but with a bad smell) and even ALLergy shots! ( An allergy shot but for EVERYONE related to the person that gets the shot) So in the end there are many Doctors of all different types and you, once again shouldn't fell special!!!!!!
    Signed the scariest ever
    V-pire Rick

  16. One more thing: Did ANY of you go to Vampire University for your medical degree? DIDN'T THINK SO SUCKAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Vampire University? Is that even an accredited institution?

    I know it's not Ivy League. Maybe it's Hemoglobin League.

    No, I'm kidding.

  18. Ricky,

    Instead of saying "one more thing",

    Many of us use AAT which stands for "AND ANOTHER THING"

    You should try it if you want street cred at TAG.

  19. I got a new name and it's not Proudy.
    It's a movie about him so it's an aktor.

  20. Andreas!!! You've returned!

    Were you incarcerated?

    None of my business.

    What about the danishes?

  21. Virtual Boy compatible!