December 30, 2011


Describe your thoughts below.

  1. It looks like the whole store is a doll house. The kid is a little shorty and the ceiling is only like 5 (five) feet tall.

    And another thing I have decided to boycott Gamzus awful word system (btw,aat,and atot) because it is awful.

    By the way why hasn't ANYONE looked at my holiday greeting card and said anything. The little kid in my lap is Moochoochchi's son and I am filling in for Santa. Yeah that's right I know santa do any of you? Didn't think so suckers! LOOK AT THE CARD!

  2. I looked at your dumb old card and I was moderately impressed.

    BTW did you know that Santa Claus was originally called Jolly Old Sain Nick?

    Is this from that movie where Barbara Streisand is frustrated with Barbara Bush because they can't see each other's points of view, and then she makes a wish that she was the other Barbara at the same time the first Barbara makes the same wish and then their spirits haunt each other's bodies?

    Because I am not sure if that was a real movie or not. I am checking Netflix now..........

    Nope didn't find it. But I am sure it rocked. Sometimes it just takes a while for new toys to catch on.

    What about silly bands? what about Justin Bieber?

    Get a kid to pose in a you tube video with these toys.

    THOUSANDS of people watch youtube every day. You Can Sell Them!

  3. Vrick

    You scared away the internet.

  4. Santa Claus scared me away! I was all ready to say insightful and occasionally witty things, but then... then... this ENORMOUS man in red showed up just MACHINE GUNNING presents everywhere. Honestly it was terrible. You couldn't swing a dead cat without hitting a bunch of presents flying all over the place, no matter how small of a cat I tried using. And now THIS? MORE PRESENTS? Santa just won't leave me alone! He's even worse than Vampire Rick!

  5. That ENORMOUS man in red MACHINE GUNNING presents everywhere was me. So I guess my holiday wishes came true. I scared someone so bad they had to whine on the internet! Vampire Rick is victorious once again. Suckas!!!!

    Vampire Rick: 2 Everyone Else: 0


    My first point was at the V-pire showoff my second was scaring meve.

  7. Not cool Ricky,

    You know we used to have a girl here named Andrea Degund and she also wanted to promote her own website in the comment section of TAG.

    But you know what, at least she was kind. She never called anybody suckah (slang for suckers(slang for somebody who sucks))

    Her pictures made people laugh. Your pictures are a little scary. I don't think I would want you to follow me home.

    Maybe I would have a cup of coffeee with you at one of your events. Or we could dance the macarena at a bar mitzvah or a quincenera.

    But follow me home?????

    Scare My Children when they are expecting presents?????????

    Now I find out you are keeping score???!!!!


  8. Gamzu it is now my turn for me to say it to you I said it to Meve and Moochoochachi but not to you yet so brace your self, GAMZU WHY CANT YOU GIVE A LITTLE LOVE?Not just to me but also Andrea Degund ok she went off the website for a reason. Obviously your profile picture scared and she ran off.

    Now if you are looking to find Andrea we can turn to our friend proudy but wait YOU killed him. Yep I said it YOU killed him. You cant hide from the facts I'm Vampire Rick I'm like your shadow for proudy's sake I watched you kill him! You don't see Moochoochachi, Meve or this new fellow Old, slow guy killing animals!

    Of course I'm scaring your kids it was my new years resolution! Plus a good father would have stood up to me and killed me.

    By the way I see you and your wife have still not settled your differences even after the guidance councilor so the jokes on you SUCKA!

  9. I once killed an elephant, but he really had it coming.

  10. Moochi I checked out your story on the Internet and I am pretty sure it did not happen.

  11. And I hope you didn't take it's tusk cause I think thats illegal.

  12. Vampire Elephant.

    Think about it.

    It's possible.

  13. only in crazy dreams Halley only in crazy dreams.

  14. My story didn't happen on the Internet, it happened in REAL LIFE!!!

  15. I meant ZOMBIE elephant. That's way more enticing.

    Maybe it's time we all started believing again.

  16. who even likes elephants? NOT ME!

  17. The worst kind of prejudice is when the undead start attacking EACH OTHER.

    Undead on undead crime has skyrocketed recently. Some bitter deadists say "let them kill each other", but I say it's our duty to reach out and help whenever possible.

    Without actually physically touching you, V Rick, how can I help?

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