June 14, 2008

Dog Uses Explosives to Put Out Forest Fire

In an attempt to rid California of its yearly fire troubles, Chip (or "T-Rex" as some call him), bombarded the forests there with explosives. It's a technique all dogs learn at "Fire, Flamez, it's da Hotness School" located in New York.

"Explosions are larger and cooler than just dumb idiot fire," explains professor Haewhat Sup, "And when using explosions around mediocre fires, the smaller flames get jealous and start crying. Thus, putting out the flames-- the dog's a genius."
Earth-lovers in the area complained and didn't see a reasonable excuse for the localized inferno. They argued that he's doing more damage than the fires would do, or some shit like that I wasn't listening. Police loved the idea, they even dropped a few criminals into the forest before T-Rex had his way. 
-Hal Cronweld

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